Part of the joy of gardening is the anticipation of that first fruit and vegetable appearing, then growing, then ripening. It takes time, care, and lots of patience. With a new technology in work by Root AI over the past few years, all of that could be left to the robots.

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Root AI Virgo

Root AI demonstrated the future of large-scale agriculture just over a year ago. Their robot, Virgo, is capable of real-time ripeness detection, has a patent-pending, soft-touch gripper to grapple the fruit just right, and intelligent motion that’s faster than a group of caffeinated farmers at harvest time, 24/7.

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True Garden / Tower Garden

Another company in the same indoor farm/aeroponic industry is True Garden, provider of organic seedlings, and growing medium who has partnered with Tower Garden, creators of the Tower gardening system. We’ve seen cool modular vertical gardens concepts, but these two are taking the process of growing fresh vegetables to, quite literally, a new level with their vertical gardens that require zero-dirt and very little water. Together, they’ve modularized the system to where it can be used in the home, on the countertop, for small urban farms, or large commercial growers.

Now, combine what Root AI is doing with what True/Tower Garden is doing. Potentially, you could have fresh fruits and vegetables sourced, selected, and shipped, within a matter of minutes, to stores and consumers. Applying the logistics automation advanced with companies like Amazon with fresh produce. Of course, there’s still the joy of having your own garden, vertical tower or not.

Much more information is available on each site. You can see the latest updates when you follow Tower Garden and True Garden on Twitter. Though things have been quiet at Root AI for the past year, their Twitter stream is active.


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