With all this social distancing lunacy, smartphones have become invaluable as a means to “connect” with those we can’t be with physically. But have you ever wondered how the same smartphone you’re using might be distancing you from, you know, people you’re actually with? We need something to STOP THAT.

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Stolp may look like one of those hoity-toity bill plates waiters use in fancy restaurants, but it’s actually a nifty signal blocker/phone compartment to help you unplug from your phone and reconnect with your surroundings. By placing your phone (and everyone else’s) inside, Stolp blocks all signals coming into and going out from your smartphone.


Signals are blocked by an interior lined with high-grade aluminum and copper. Up to six phones of any kind may be stacked inside a single Stolp, where a charging cable can be used to charge the phone while not in use.


Now, I know some of you are going to ask this and, yes, there is a way to still receive online notifications on your smartphone whilst inside the Stolp.

As it so happens, there is a small stopper you can place in between the cover and base which allows for a signal to pass through. This lets you keep your phone out of sight during an important outing with the family but still be notified when on-call or if you need to be reached by friends, boss, or co-workers.


The design of the Stolp is meant to serve as a visual reminder of the importance of disconnecting from technology to reconnect with others. Too often, we are caught up in the lives of others that we sometimes forget we’re living our own. Stolp was made to help with our unconscious need to always be online and bring us back to the good old days of talking with eye contact.


Stolp is nearly five times funded on Kickstarter, exceeding its initial $11,820 goal. You can find more details on this rad, signal-blocking smartphone holder on the Kickstarter campaign page.


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