It’s been a busy week. Despite all appearances, Josh and I have not (yet) stepped into an alternate dimension (only to be abducted by Jamie Farr space aliens…). Yes, we still occasionally record the odd something (emphasis on ‘odd’), but mostly we’ve been working on Other Stuff:

Why, it looks like you’re enjoying your weekend. Spring hat, drink in your hand, veggie or steak kabob of your choice grilling on the hood of your neighbor’s car. If only life could be just a touch more exciting. May I introduce the SolidSmack Update? I may. KICK IT.

Well everyone, look at that. We have completely plundered the riches of the web and have a big ol’ bag of incredibly useful tips and information. SolidSmack.com is officially one year old today. (See first post here.) You all are completely incredible and make this so much fun, I can’t even explain it. I seriously…

You can now find me on Twitter. As an added bonus when you follow me you will get some great SolidWorks tips and have the opportunity to win some cool stuff, the first of which will be coming up soon. What’s Twitter? It’s like a mix of IM and blogging. Some call it micro-blogging. It’s…