disqus-facebook-solidsmackIf you comment here on the post regularly, you’re extremely privileged to be using the most powerful commenting system of all time, Disqus. Yes, it’s quite a lot to take in, but it’s gone one better.

If you don’t like logging into a Disqus profile, you can now just sign in using your Facebook account. The Disqus commenting now supports Facebook Connect which allows you to use you Facebook ID on many sites and publish items, like comments, to your Facebook Feed.

How could this affect the CAD industry?
On facebook, you keep in touch and share interests with old friends, coworkers and family. It’s your network on a personal level. Your friends are able to comment on just about everything that appears on your FaceBook profile. It’s avery interactive way to stay in touch and see what people are involved in.

Add a few comments from a few CAD/SolidWorks sites into the mix – the conversation starts spreading, products are discussed and the community of users spreads out even more.

What does this means on a personal level? Your Facebook profile can easily be your professional profile, your foot in the door to a career, and more accessibility to others in a particular industry. When communication spreads out like this, it has a tendency to be a wildly infectious opportunity creation system. Bottom line though, it increases the conversation with your peers.

Hey, but what if some CAD software started integrating collaborative tools like FaceBook Connect or Disqus? hmmm.

Try it out
If you’re on Facebook, try out the login. Simply, select the Facebook login option and comment away.

Let me know what you think. I’d love to get your feedback. Oh, and if your on Facebook you can Join me here.

Some other CAD sites using Disqus


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