Lou Gallo of SolidWorks Heard (twitter) has apparently recorded a recent phone conversation between us and has put it up online so that all my glean my mildly incoherent ramblings.

I told my friend Alex Ruiz that my voice sounds like a conversation between Kermit the frog and miss piggy, but in actually, it sounds more like I’m tired and have a deviated septum. Of course, we’re all critics of ourselves and I’m one of the worst.

I wish Lou and I had more time to talk about the future of CAD stuff. I’m interested in how CAD is developing in context of web technology changing the way 3D applications are used. I’ll get into that later in some highly-interesting and somewhat speculative articles that will not be boring unless you just absolutely hate that kind of stuff.

In the meantime, listen to the podcast (Episode 161) and tell me what I need to do to improve my interviewing skills. So far, I’m at… 1) don’t walk while talking so you don’t sound like you’re out of breathe and 2) get some sleep the night before.


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