It’s been a busy week. Despite all appearances, Josh and I have not (yet) stepped into an alternate dimension (only to be abducted by Jamie Farr space aliens…). Yes, we still occasionally record the odd something (emphasis on ‘odd’), but mostly we’ve been working on Other Stuff:

  • New Site Design
    This one’s obvious to thew few shameless individuals who serially peruse these hallowed pages. (Get help, you sick, sick people.) Why? Yes, the old design (by Yours Truly, way back in the day) was getting stale , but more than that it just wasn’t doing a good job of communicating the ridiculous variety of Schtuff we’ve been up to. SolidSmack is no longer a “blog” per se, it’s a mind-altering multi-media head trip through the wily weeds of How People Do Cool Stuff. We felt that the linear blog format was no longer appropriate, since so much of what we’re doing isn’t really time-sensitive. Anyway, you gave us tons of great feedback when we first launched, we took it to heart, and have been refining ever since. And you know what? We’re diggin’ it. What do you think?
  • New cadjunkie Sweetness
    Believe it or not, this has been steadily in progress for weeks. We’ve dumped over a hundred man-hours into prep work alone. Why does it take so long, you wonder? Lets just say we’ve been doing our homework for this one, and it’s going to be flippin’ sweet. Be excited.
  • Destructive Creative
    This one’s been a long time in the brewin’, but this dunkelweiss is a frothy mess and the whole house reeks of bananas. What could he possibly mean by that? We didn’t even really know until a short time ago, but believe you me, we know now. And you don’t. It’s between Me, Josh, and The Smoth Mealer. And it’s going to rock your mis-matched socks directly off… whatever body part(s) on which you happen to be wearing socks.

Sure, there’s other stuff going on. Josh and I both have day jobs, you know. This is just how we waste spend our time when we’re trying to convince our wives that we can’t possibly be expected to de-slug the rose bush while we’re “working.” But anyway.



Adam O'Hern is an industrial designer, designing products ranging from laptops to power tools, classroom toys to bathroom fixtures, and pro audio gear to guitar tuners. In 2008 he founded, and in 2010 co-founded EvD Media with Josh Mings of, and the two collaborate on the podcast.