Don your favorite bath robe, cream that coffee and get comfortable with this weekend’s SolidSmack Weekend Reader.

This week we saw everything from a behind the scenes look inside the mind of eccentric inventor Dominic Wilcox, a new Adobe app that will help you create design presentations on the fly, Motorola’s hilarious take on the selfie-stick, the *new* SolidSmack 3DA format and more…

So lay back, relax and take a load off while reading the top ten stories on SolidSmack this past week.

Oh and uh…don’t forget to shed some much-needed sunlight on your face, too.

Be Ridiculous: New Short Film Explores the Mind of British Inventor Dominic Wilcox


“For some, working between the worlds of art, design, craft and technology seems like a part of your everyday workflow. For inventor Dominic Wilcox, these means literally taking objects and ideas from across the widest points of any given scale and merging them into singular concepts that mix the four disciplines to create innovative and thought-provoking objects…”

Backyard Prototyping: Sand Casting with Foam Core and Recycled Aluminum Cans


“Last time we checked in with YouTube’s King of Random (AKA Grant Thompson), he was teaching his 3-million YouTube subscribers how to create a backyard foundry for melting down recycled aluminum cans for use in other projects…”

Pebble Time Wraps Up Record-Breaking $20 Million+ Kickstarter Campaign


“While you were out getting IPAs with friends (or binge-watching on Netflix) last friday night at 10PM ET, the most-funded campaign in the history of Kickstarter was wrapping up after raising a staggering $20 million over its month-long campaign…”

The Oaxis Inkcase Adds a Second Screen to the Back of Your iPhone


“As if the new iPhone 6 hasn’t given users enough new screen real estate, a new product wants essentially double your viewing pleasure. This spring, gadget maker Oaxis will be launching their brand new Inkcase 6 case which fits seamlessly to the iPhone 6. Oaxis has taken a rather ingenious approach to the ubiquitous problem of battery life in a smartphone by optimizing E-ink rather than using an external power pack…”

Adobe’s New Comp CC App Helps Create Polished Presentations On-The-Fly


“For those needing to create presentations on-the-go, the iPad has been both a blessing and a burden; while it clearly enables users to do something, it lacks the power to create something that most people would feel comfortable standing in front of while giving a presentation. Ultimately, the tablet has become an in-between tool for ideas on the go that can then be quickly polished in a full-powered desktop app before being saved into a final PDF deck for presenting. Thankfully, Adobe has understood this for awhile now and have been working relentlessly to make this 21st Century workflow as seamless as possible…”

Prototype with LEGOs Directly on Your Laptop with the $35 Brik Case


“As if LEGOs haven’t already taken up our shelves and desk space, they may soon be traveling with us to coffee shops, meetings and anywhere else we take our laptops thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign from Jolt Team…”

Australian Rocket Club Constructs and Launches World’s Largest Model Rocket


“With all of the excitement centered around space exploration as of late – thanks in no small part to Elon Musk’s one-man PR machine – it comes with little surprise that model rocketry has exploded in popularity within the past few years. While hobbyist companies such as Estes Rockets have been developing model rockets for years, today’s rocket builders have been upping the stakes with self-made models that go further and faster than ever before…”

Introducing 3DA: The Future of SolidSmack is 3D Printed and Beautiful


“With the rise of both an interest in hardware development as a whole combined with an increase of readers who prefer to digest their SolidSmack content on the go, the EvD development team have been working hard over the past six months to bring a new kind of experience to our most loyal readers…”

Behind the Design: Motorola’s Handcrafted Moto Selfie Stick


“When it comes to smartphone photography, few tools offer as much flexibility and class as a selfie stick…”

feature6turing-process/”>Watch These Dick Moby Sunglasses Narrate Their Own Manufacturing Process

“Since finding crowdfunding success on Indiegogo in April of last year, the design team behind Amsterdam-based Dick Moby Sunglasses have showed no signs of slowing down. The team, which consists of designers Tim Holland and Robbert Bettink, met while studying together in Amsterdam and came up with the original idea of sustainable eyewear while on a surf trip…”