As if the new iPhone 6 hasn’t given users enough new screen real estate, a new product wants essentially double your viewing pleasure. This spring, gadget maker Oaxis will be launching their brand new Inkcase 6 case which fits seamlessly to the iPhone 6. Oaxis has taken a rather ingenious approach to the ubiquitous problem of battery life in a smartphone by optimizing E-ink rather than using an external power pack.

Instead of adding more battery power, the case takes some of the load off the iPhone’s battery by giving you a second screen on the back of your phone (embedded into the case) based on existing E-Ink technology that’s known for lasting days without needing a charge. The Inkcase is essentially able to wirelessly transfer data from the iPhone’s main front screen using Bluetooth and then replicate it on the back of the phone. Similar to existing E-Ink readers, the screen also provides a more natural reading experience than even a low-lit front-facing iPhone screen and isn’t subject to the glare from sunlight.


Ultimately, while the front of your screen will give that rich, Retina-quality experience for images, video and web browsing, the back of your screen can keep you informed of your latest text messages, emails and notifications without sacrificing your battery life.

As for the industrial design of the case, it features a simple, snap-on design that leaves all existing ports and buttons accessible. Additionally, the case is made of a durable molded polycarbonate exterior that provides protection to the back, edges and corner of the iPhone for those all of those accidental drops when flipping the phone around repeatedly.



Whether the Inkcase will further productivity or be a distraction is yet to be seen – but you can stay informed of the release or find out more over at Oaxis.