A wind blew that hadn’t since the days we bore through the outer hull. Long before it was but metal clanks, a photo and endless picking at the wall with frozen roaches that fell from the ceiling. The years were long, but a friend to the rust. And the day we broke free, we were able to finally soak in the radiance of these links.

Peter Ferguson – They’re scenes you’re likely to remember from your past, except not at all and way more surreal than meets the eye.

9.999 – Numbers that look different can have the same value, as Vi Hart goes on to show you, oh so precisely.

Patatap – Maybe you’ve seen the mobile app. It’s just as fun making noises with your keyboard in the browser.

PaperDandy – What papery goodness is this? The cut, fold, carfully constructed kirigami papercraft variety from Marc Hagan-Guirey.

Solving the Unsolvable – If you’re interested in bounded gaps between primes, you’ll love this long read by Alec Wilkinson on mathematician Yitang Zhang.

Pacer – Now that hyperlapse is all the rage, queue this entire (4 minute) film shot in 1995 on a Bolex 16mm camera in Montreal, Quebec by Guy Roland.

Xray Glasses – Remember these? They’re back in a stylish new frame from Zenni Optical. You’ll look so good! or will you?

Beast of Turin – Goodwood Road & Racing rebuild the fabulous 1910 Fiat S76 and run it for the first time in 100 years. Just imagine a whole track of these things.

The Demo – This is “a hybrid music/theater re-imagining of Douglas Engelbart’s historic 1968 demonstration on computer/human applications.”

Wes Anderson Characters – The illustrated wonder of director Wes Anderson’s characters as drawn by Alejandro Giraldo.

Coming for Your – New one from The Offspring. Yeah, they’re still around. Get’s slightly (really) grotesque at the end.


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