With the rise of both an interest in hardware development as a whole combined with an increase of readers who prefer to digest their SolidSmack content on the go, the EvD development team have been working hard over the past six months to bring a new kind of experience to our most loyal readers.

Starting next Monday April 6th, EvD Media will be introducing an industry-first new 3D printing format called 3DA (3D Article) as a part of our new SOLIDSMACK EXPERIENCE PLATFORM (SSEP).

That’s right – the entire article text will be converted to printable extrusions (think refrigerator magnets), and images will be height-mapped using a proprietary shadow box algorithm. Yes, reading SolidSmack is now a 100% physical 3D experience.

Instead of plugging-in to the existing SolidSmack Experience that you’ve come to love day-in and day-out, readers will be directed to a Cloud account (beta sign-up details coming later this week) that will give them access to all of the day’s SolidSmack content in a 3DA file.

“I used to stress so much about my phone’s battery life,” said Bill Loni, a Bay Area industrial designer.

“Now, I can just set my 3D printer to print overnight and simply unload my printed slate in the morning. It’s great – I can read up on the latest SolidSmack stories whenever I want during the day so easily.”






In addition to updating the written content into three-dimensional objects on the site, the SOLIDSMACK EXPERIENCE PLATFORM will also include 3D printed sound files for all future podcasts, interviews and other multimedia. SolidSmack Radio will not be affected by this change and users can still tune in every Tuesday morning to rock out over waffles and napkin sketches.