As if LEGOs haven’t already taken up our shelves and desk space, they may soon be traveling with us to coffee shops, meetings and anywhere else we take our laptops thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign from Jolt Team.

The team – who describe themselves as “two guys building awesome products in San Francisco with one incredible designer in NYC” – have effectively developed the world’s most customizable laptop case that ensures you won’t have any regrets like that time you plastered all of those embarrassing Lisa Frank stickers on yours.

“Some people like to spice up their laptops with stickers on the back,” says the Jolt Team on their Kickstarter page.

“We couldn’t help thinking, though, that stickers are sticky. Plus, once they’re stuck, you’re stuck. So we designed a case that permits constant change, collaboration, and originality.”


If their funding success is any sort of indication, at least 663 people want to customize their Macbook Air and Macbook Pro models with brick toys and have helped the Jolt Team meet their campaign goal by raising over $30,000 with over 25 days left to go in the campaign.

Although their page shows an existing ‘baseplate’ being laser cut to fit the dimensions of an Apple laptop as a prototype, the Jolt Team plans on creating their own injection molds for molding the cases out of ABS plastic – the same plastic that’s been used by LEGO for decades.


“Toy bricks are fun, colorful, and intuitive. It’s hard to resist the urge to build. Our case is compatible with all major toy brick brands, which means the sky is the limit!”

While most product designers or engineers would be quick to note that the Brik Case may be running on a fine line with any sort of IP infringement, this is actually the very first paragraph at the top of their page:

“This case is not officially licensed by LEGO™, Mega Bloks, PixelBlocks, KRE-O, or K’NEX Bricks™. It just happens to be compatible with all of them.”

…so there you have it. The Brik Case can be purchased for $35 over on Kickstarter.