Huddle around the computer a little bit, your digital detox is a farce! How can you stay away from great stuff that you can read and chew on … mentally that is! We got you covered, while you were away, busy with your digital detox diet. Don’t be shy, take a look at the week that was, right here on SolidSmack.

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Start Your Monday With a ‘Wallace and Gromit’ 40 LB Stop Motion Cheese Sculpture

You’ve seen dozens of wood buildsmetalworks, and resin casts on SolidSmack, but there’s a real scarcity here on sculptures made of cheese.

Millo’s Smart Portable Blender Is A Modern, Quiet Take On A Noisy, Classic Design

When you think of a blender, what usually comes to mind is a cylindrical machine capable of grinding, juicing, or mulching down food into elderly-friendly portions. The second thought which comes to mind is the noise; as almost all blenders operate with as much subtlety as an inconsiderate construction worker.

Star Wars Modelmaking: Can A Tiny Snowspeeder Drone Trip Up A Foam AT-AT?

If you’ve watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, you can never forget the iconic scene where the rebels use their ships’ harpoons to trip up a couple of giant AT-AT walkers by flying through and around the machines’ legs.

Hold Onto Your PCBs – Autodesk Just Added ECAD to Fusion 360

A couple of weeks ago we shared that Fusion 360 users would get access to EAGLE electronic design automation software. At the time, the Fusion 360 January update hadn’t come out, but with the ECAD tease at Autodesk University and the EAGLE announcement, we pretty much knew Fusion 360 was about to get PCB’ed.

Sleek Chicken Tractor Design Uses Aluminum To Reduce Weight, Bring Style to the Farm

Now those are two words I thought I’d never see together – Sleek + Chicken Tractor. But that’s just one attribute of the Chicken Caravan, a chicken tractor design created by Designers on Holiday’s Tom Gottelier and Bobby Petersen. It’s a simple mobile coop design created for The Ecology Center – a non-profit organization dedicated to creative environmental solutions – based in the heart of California chicken country, San Juan Capistrano.

Finally, Someone Made A Working Drone Out of LEGOs

It was bound to happen sooner or later, so it comes as no surprise when someone made a working drone using the world’s most buildable children’s toy.