Since finding crowdfunding success on Indiegogo in April of last year, the design team behind Amsterdam-based Dick Moby Sunglasses have showed no signs of slowing down. The team, which consists of designers Tim Holland and Robbert Bettink, met while studying together in Amsterdam and came up with the original idea of sustainable eyewear while on a surf trip.

Soon after that trip, the team started sketching and making their first prototypes in May of 2013.

To help refine their concepts, the team met up with some experienced eyewear designers in London who helped them further develop their sketches into manufacturable 3D models with considered dimensions and ergonomics for proper fit. Just six months later, Holland and Bettink were visiting factories and suppliers to negotiate supply chain deals and ultimately, start production on the idea that was born while waiting for waves.

Today, the now-established brand Dick Moby is nothing short of a crowdfunding success story. The brand has partnered with environmental non-profits the Surfrider Foundation, TerraCycle and Mazzucchelli to find and process biodegradable acetate that can be re-processed into the high-quality Dick Moby sunglasses that subsequently, create no additional plastic waste. Additionally, the brand allocates 10% of their revenues back to the organizations.

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In this recently-released video from the brand, we get a behind the scenes look (from the perspective of a pair of Dick Moby sunglasses, no less) at how the brand brings their products to life:

Find out more by heading over to Dick Moby.


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