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Luxion KeyShot 5 Reviewed: A Faster and Leaner Addition to the Product Designer’s Toolkit

1 week ago

When it comes to rendering a 3D model, there are generally two directions one could go in: a drag and drop solution or a fine-tuned custom solution with more dials…


Review: Wacom’s ‘Go-Anywhere’ Cintiq Companion Windows 8 Tablet for Today’s Nomadic Designer

7 months ago

Lately we’ve been seeing quite a few discussions around various SolidSmack social media outlets discussing the best portable digital sketching tools. Sure, most people will gravitate towards an iPad and…


Packin’ Heat: The Painful Evolution of Pocket-sized Fuel Cells, and Why I’m Sticking to Solar

9 months ago

As many of you might already be aware, some exciting developments have been unfolding in the portable fuel cell market in recent months. Unfortunately, the excitement at the moment seems…


Review: Wacom’s Pressure-Sensitive Intuos Creative Stylus for iPad

10 months ago

Product designers who have found success using the iPad as a sketchbook are a rare breed: it takes patience and pre-existing skill to successfully communicate your ideas with large nubs…


Workstation Review: HP Z1 All-In-One Workstation

1 year ago

Do you ever imagine a day where you won’t have a computer tower tucked up under your desk? Cords wadded in the corner next to a year-old corn chip/skittle/dust bunny…


Book Review: 90 Degrees by Andrew Kim

1 year ago

The term ‘Knolling’ has been around since the mid-1980′s and is centered around the practice of organizing any number of objects for a specific purpose in an easy-to-view manner. More…


SolidWorks Updates eDrawings App to Feature Augmented Reality Model Presentation

1 year ago

One of the more exciting announcements to come out of SolidWorks World 2013 this year was the addition of an augmented reality-based update to SolidWorks’ popular eDrawings iOS app. What…


First Look: Caustic Series2 Ray Tracing Acceleration Boards

1 year ago

Released last week, the Caustic Series2 accelerator boards are a pair of ray tracing accelerator PC boards that use Imagination Technologies’ ray tracing technologies to bring us the world’s first…


Pogo Connect Pressure-Sensitive iPad Stylus: After 4 Months of Use, How Does it Hold Up?

1 year ago

Having been a user of Wacom pressure-sensitive products for years, my expectations going into testing the Pogo Connect pressure-sensitive iPad stylus were set at a pretty high bar. Up until…