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Lenovo ThinkPad P70 [Review]

1 week ago

When your plans for unboxing a laptop at 80 mph, while eating Lupita’s famous 50oz sour cream enchilada, doesn’t work out, you’re left with grabbing a cracked iPhone and shooting…


3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise [Review]

3 weeks ago

When you’re mixing the sweet cream of CAD geometry on the screen like a dairyman on a mission from God, that intense look on your face is enough to make…


HP ZBook 15 G3 Mobile Workstation [Review]

3 months ago

It’s not often I can say a laptop serves well as a shield, serving tray, pillow, media center and power serving CAD/Render workstation, but that’s exactly what this HP ZBook…


BioLite CookStove: Outdoor Living In Style [Review]

4 months ago

Every once in a while, I get out from behind the computers here at SolidSmack. When I do, I run for the hills with nothing but a tent and sleeping…


Using the Lenovo P40 Yoga Workstation/Tablet with SolidWorks

4 months ago

I can’t even recall the first time I thought about using SolidWorks on a tablet. It was years ago, but let’s go back even further. I started using CAD software…


The 3Dconnexion CadMouse [Review]

8 months ago

You grip that mouse so tightly at times, you hear its wee screws buckle and pop under the pressure. It’s ok. That’s just the result of the constant roller-coaster of…


BenQ 32″ 4K UHD Monitor [Review]

11 months ago

When you get that video card upgrade and see it supports 4K resolution, your first thought may be, “I should be getting paid more.” Your second thought, however, is, “I…


Lenovo ThinkPad W550s [Review]

1 year ago

Of the mobile workstations currently available, the ones I could strap to my back and go on a 5-mile run number at four. There’s only one that wouldn’t leave me…


HP Z640 Workstation [Review]

1 year ago

“How many CPUs you runnin?” That’s not usually such a common phrase you hear. It’s more likely to be seen on a forum or heard as a pick-up line at…