Are you a content creator sharing insightful content with your audience with the use of music and sounds? Are you an influencer imparting your knowledge to netizens and your followers through videos, webinars, and the like? Or, are you a singer sharing the gift of music with your listeners? No matter who you are, as long as you are dealing with sounds when connecting with your audience, you need to have the right equipment to connect with them full well. One of the things you will need to have is a microphone. Sometimes, the built-in microphone with your earphones or headsets may not be enough if you want superior quality with the music and sounds you share. Likewise, not all microphones are created equal. You can find several options in the market today, so how do you know which suits your needs?

This piece will tackle a review of what is regarded as among the best microphones today that can produce high-quality sounds more than what you can possibly imagine. This is our review of the TONOR TC30 USB Microphone. You can shop for this microphone on the brand’s official website and Amazon, among many others.

Overview Of The Product

Today, not only musicians, singers, and content creators need to have access to a good microphone. Microphones are becoming more and more essential in today’s changing workspaces, where work-from-home setups are gaining upward momentum.

The TONOR TC30 USB microphone is one of the most cost-effective USB condenser microphones on the market nowadays.

The brand where it comes from, TONOR, is a professional maker of these kinds of recording equipment. TONOR places the best value for your money when it comes to offering customers like you high-quality and professional recording equipment and accessories that include microphones, equalizers, mixers, and synthesizers.

One of the products in their catalog, the TONOR TC30 USB microphone, is a plug-and-play microphone working well with Windows, Linux Desktop OS, and Mac OS X. It is perfect to use whether you need to produce voice-overs, be in Zoom meetings, play games, or produce podcasts, among other purposes.

About The Brand, TONOR

TONOR is a brand that offers the best solutions for budding artists and creative stars, basically, who want to be heard by the world. This brand allows you to own the best quality professional audio recording devices without having you spend a lot. They have created a balance between quality and affordability.

It has a wide range of products crucial for starting your sound and music career, elevating your business, and helping you triumph in your professional career through the use of audio. TONOR is your ultimate solution amidst a world where products that you need to achieve these are getting more and more expensive.

Their product range is not only great in performance and outstanding in quality but also competitive in its pricing. Plus, they also offer a free trial period with their products. TONOR is your ally when you want to create a sound masterpiece.

TONOR has been the first choice of content creators, podcasters, business owners, musicians, and everybody who wants to share their voice with the world.

Why should you choose TONOR? Simple.

They are experts in audio equipment and provide solutions for many enthusiasts worldwide.

Their products only produce a clear sound. TONOR’s goal is to accurately and completely record and transmit your voice without the noise distractions.

Furthermore, their products are also easy to use. Many of their devices are controlled with their plug-and-play feature, so you can always create content or do live streaming and more even without the advanced and technical skills.

One of their biggest edges in the competition? Theirs are cost-effective products. You can start creating sound and music without breaking the bank.

Pros And Cons

To better help you decide whether you should buy this TONOR TC30 USB microphone or not, let us look at and explore the pros and cons of the product based on the insights of those who have used or been using this microphone.


  • With its plug-and-play feature, you get everything you need, and this includes a shock mount
  • Detachable USB-C to USB-A 2.0 cable.
  • Very affordable
  • Brilliant audio quality when you use the microphone correctly


  • There is no gain control knob or mute button on the microphone system
  • Plastic threading on its shock mount
  • Design fully on plastic

Product Specifications

  • Microphone type: Condenser
  • Frequency Response 50Hz – 20kHz
  • Cardioid Polar Pickup Pattern
  • Input Sample Rate 48kHz
  • Output Impedance 2.2kΩ
  • Bit Rate 16Bit
  • Sensitivity: -32dB±3dB
  • S/N Ratio >68dB
  • Detachable cable
  • Cable Length 2m
  • Cable Type: USB-C to USB-A 2.0
  • Plug and play; no software is needed
  • The package includes a desk stand, pop filter, and shock mount


Despite the cons you have learned about earlier, its pros outweigh them. The TONOR USB condenser microphone features an elegant form factor better than other condenser microphones. This makes it perfect to use on desks. It also has a premium matte black body that comes complete with its pop filter and detachable tripod.

Upon your purchase, the package includes the condenser microphone, the foldable mic tripod, the shock mount, the USB Type-C cable, the pop filter, and the user manual. Assembling these parts is easy to do.

Features And Performance

Among the things that every buyer takes a look into when purchasing a new product are the product’s features. Let us find out the features of this TONOR TC30 USB microphone.

This microphone, as has been discussed earlier, is a plug-and-play mic. Simply plug the Type-C USB cable at the back of the microphone and plug the other end into the USB-A port on your laptop – whether this is running on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X – and the microphone will be ready to use.

It can capture audio at the top-notch quality and provide superior quality output. Content creators, those working from home who need to work with their audio for Zoom meetings, perhaps, those who need to record podcasts and webinars, and the like can benefit from this fantastic microphone.

Additionally, the pop filter in the package does a great job of reducing any unwanted noise. Plus, it is wide enough to cover all the angles. The microphone’s tripod, made with metal, is sturdy, keeping the mic up in the air for a better quality of sound. It is also the type of mic you can hang, but you will need to acquire accessories not included in the package. Moreover, the shock mounts are made with anti-vibration capabilities, eliminating and reducing unnecessary mic bumps and keystroke noises.

Aside from being capable of capturing quality audio, its noise-isolation feature has the ability to suppress outside noises such as barking dogs and vehicles passing by. It does record your keyboard clicks, though, but it will be negligible.

How about its overall sound quality? Well, it produces clear and crisp sounds, making this microphone ideal to use when you need to add voice-overs to videos. Aside from these, you will also notice the huge difference in your voice quality when you are in Zoom meetings and other virtual chats.

Despite it not having any buttons, it is easy to adjust the volume from the microphone or start recording. This is never a deal-breaker because you can easily change these settings with your computer.

The Verdict

The TONOR TC30 USB microphone strikes the perfect balance between quality and price. Plus, it even has a two-year warranty to guarantee the satisfaction of its users.

While there are cons like sound reproduction not being completely life-like and lacking buttons and recording modes, the advantages outweigh these disadvantages.

For everybody who wants to improve the sound quality of their productions different from the sound quality from built-in microphones with earphones and headsets, and save on the costs, this is the ultimate choice.

Let the world hear your voice with the TONOR TC30 USB microphone.