There’s simply no lack of options for gear to hold your laptop. We each have our own preference, I’m sure, but when my backpack finally gave out recently, I decided to consider other options. One of those options is the Harber London Leather Laptop Case. It’s simple and unassuming, yet durable and well-designed. Harber London sent the case over for me to have a look and share my thoughts.

Harber London Overview

Harber London is a family run business founded in 2013 that specializes in handmade leather goods. It was born out of a disappointing experience with and lack of quality in available laptop sleeves. They launched their first laptop sleeve with a pinpoint focus on quality materials. All of their products are made with 100% full-grain leather, 100% wool felt, and the highest quality microfiber and cotton twill fabrics they can source. From one idea and one product, they’ve expanded their online presence, shipping worldwide, now with a wide range of products tailored to various devices and needs, from laptop and phone cases to backpacks and watch straps.

The Harber London Laptop Case


Among Harber London’s various laptop products, their Laptop Case is just about as minimal as you can get… and I love that. It’s a simple leather case with a microfiber lining that wears beautifully and functions in ways I wasn’t expecting. The zipper extends across the top and halfway down each side with zipper stop covers that add a bit of interest. Features include:

  • Full-grain vegetable tanned cowhide leather exterior
  • Soft microfiber-lined interior and seam hem
  • Anti-scratch smooth-glide YKK zippers
  • Handmade by expert craftsmen in Spain
  • Weight: 12.4 oz (0.35 kg)
  • Size: 15″ x 10.5″ x 1.25″ (381 x 267 x 32mm) Macbook Pro 16″ (10 sizes available)
  • Color: Tan (Black, Navy, Deep Brown also available)
  • Price: Starting at $126

This simple, unassuming laptop case is a three-section construction (front, back, edging) with the leather exterior, microfiber interior, and zipper tape sewn together with a microfiber hem that also serves as a protective backing for the smooth-glide stainless steel zipper. Without additional exterior or interior pockets, latches or other accouterments, it keeps the weight down to under a pound (half kilo).

The supple materials of the Harber Laptop Case – full-grain leather exterior, microfiber interior.

Most Unexpected Outcome

You might think a simple laptop sleeve like this doesn’t have much use outside of storing and protecting your laptop. However, there were two surprises.

First, since I am carrying the case as opposed to having the laptop in a backpack it made it convenient to use it as a surface, for a notepad (that also fits the case) or, yes, supporting a grocery bag or two. Next, as someone who needs wrist support to prevent hand/wrist pain, I was really delighted to find that the case helped to support my wrists and elevate the laptop enough to keep my wrists straight.

Other Notable Harber London Products

Laptop Case

The Harber London Laptop Case is about as simple as you can get. Four colors and multiple sizes available.

Harber London Leather Laptop Case

Macbook Sleeve

The Harber London Macbook Sleeve is super slim, has a leather backing and leather pocket over wool felt sleeve.

Carry-All Macbook Folio

The Harber London Carry-All Macbook Folio is a minimal look for an Macbook with inner pockets and cutout for an Apple Pencil.

Carry-All iPad Folio

The Harber London Carry-All iPad Folio is a minimal look for an iPad with inner pockets and cutout to hold an Apple Pencil.

Nomad Organiser

The Harber London Nomad Organiser is the ultimate case to hold all your devices and belongings.

Final Thoughts

I wanted to get a case that was large enough for a 17″ workstation laptop. That said, it’s plenty big for a 13″ Macbook Air or 15″ Lenovo ThinkPad — it will actually hold both of those easily — with plenty of room to spare for USB cord, stylus, pen, or pencil. On that note, if I had to add one thing, it would be a pencil/pen/stylus slot or two. Harber London does make cases with those options though, like the Carry-All Macbook Folio.

Above all, the experience is phenomenal. The best way I can describe the experience would be like an unboxing experience; every time you remove your laptop from the case, it’s like that unboxing experience you get with the most expertly-crafted package or case design… And you get the smell of leather, to boot.

The Harber Laptop Case experience – like one of those unboxing moments, every time.

To finish off here, I’m a backpack guy. I’ve never been one for cases or satchels that limit what you can do with your hand. But I thought I’d venture out and give a laptop case a try. I was surprised, first by the quality of the Harber Laptop Case but also by the functionality of such a minimal design. Using it is as convenient at home as it is at the office or out and about. Though it’s easy and comfortable to carry I find myself wanting to toss it in a backpack, especially for extended walks. Old habits die hard, I suppose.

Though I’ve had it only a short while, it’s has been incredibly durable and wearing nicely. If I’m honest, the idea of a nicely worn laptop case is one of the reasons I was first attracted to Harber’s line of leather products. But after realizing the value in the quality of materials and quality of construction that work together for an unexpectedly enjoyable experience, I’ve gotta admit, it would be hard to go back to tossing my laptop in a backpack. 

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