Don your favorite bath robe, cream that coffee and get comfortable with this weekend’s SolidSmack Weekend Reader.

This week we saw everything from a new method of manufacturing goods on your desktop to a new virtual reality experience that put you in the driver’s seat (literally!) on an assembly line…

So lay back, relax and take a load off while reading the top ten stories on SolidSmack this past week.

‘The Magic Moment’ Explores the Career of Professional Paper Engineer Peter Dahmen

“For over 25 years, paper engineer Peter Dahmen has been creating every last type of pop-up book or 3D paper structure imaginable. From the more traditional pop-up greeting cards to large-scale set designs for automakers such as MINI, the German graphic designer’s story of how he got started in paper engineering is just as fascinating as the craft itself…”


Self-Described ‘Stuffmaker’ Mac Premo Discusses Why We Create

“After a successful Kickstarter campaign in February of 2014 that saw them raise over $250,000 (with an original goal of $18,000) The Floyd Leg creators have been busy expanding their product line that was born out of the successful Kickstarter campaign…”


Flow Wants to Streamline Your CAD Workflow with Hand Gestures

“When it comes to tearing through the steps required to build a CAD model, everybody has their own proven method. While some might prefer a 3D mouse paired with a traditional mouse, others prefer to keep their hotkeys close and one hand on a Wacom tablet. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way…but everybody loves to have options…”


Chrysler Wants You to Experience Your Car Being Manufactured in Virtual Reality

“While virtual reality applications are a dime a dozen these days, we’re still yet to see any sort of a mainstream adoption of the virtual reality headsets themselves…at least at a consumer-friendly price point. When virtual reality headsets become ‘the next iPad‘ however, we’re sure in for a change of pace when it comes to communicating design, engineering and manufacturing processes…”


This Compass Design Sketches Your Digital Files Onto Paper

“After years of humans figuring out ways of getting analog sketches into a digital platform, design engineer Ken Nakagaki is reversing that notion and wants us to put our digital sketches onto an analog ‘platform’ with his COMP*PASS design…which was recently shortlisted for a 2014 James Dyson Award…”


The World’s First Magnetic 3D Printer Filament Launches on Kickstarter

“One doesn’t normally associate magnets with plastic…unless of course that magnet is embedded somewhere behind the housing. But what if the plastic material itself was magnetic ?”


Incredible Images Highlight the Unbelievable Interiors of Mechanical Calculators

“It’s no secret that as we move deeper into digital experiences with our phones, tablets, watches and the like, the human need to connect with more mechanical and manual activities or objects becomes suddenly more apparent…”


Read the Entire Collection of Popular Electronics Magazine (1954-1982) for Free

“While Maker, coding and general DIY culture has exploded in popularity over the past 10 years, there was once a time where the only regular industry updates and project builds didn’t come from a quick Google search…they came from your monthly Popular Electronics magazine…”


The Revocaster Wants to Bring Mass Manufacturing to Your Desktop

“As 3D printing finds its way into solving a myriad of problems ranging from more traditional product development methods to more recent medical applications, there is one trait that leaves much to be desired: the ability to create multiple high-quality prints in a short amount of time…”


Behind the Design: Slow Wood’s Wood and Blown Glass Teca Lamp

“Known for their forward-thinking approach to mass manufacturing with wood-based designs, Italy’s Slow Wood is also an innovative incubator for spearheading ideas and initiatives in wooden craft design…particularly in the realm of disrupting traditional manufacturing supply chains by employing a private network of Italian artisanal makers…”