Aaaaaand, just like that. Autodesk 123D Web Apps are dead…

From the 123D blog (emphasis added):
“If you have been using the web based versions of the 123D apps that run in your browser, you probably noticed that they have gone bonkers. We’re well aware and have been anticipating the need to shut them down as the plugin support that allows them to run within the browser is no longer supported. So, today, we are sad to see our trusty web based apps go, they were a trusty platoon while they were here!”

Looks like this does not apply to Tinkercad though. So, we’ll assume the web app functionality/development of 123D Catch, Make and Design is being shifted to Tinkercad… and/or Fusion 360. Perhaps. We’ll update you once (if) we get confirmation from Autodesk.

Also interesting that Autodesk Product Manager, Scott Shepherd, is asking in the comments, Uhhm what?


Are the days of CAD web apps over or is the best yet to come?


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