When it comes to tearing through the steps required to build a CAD model, everybody has their own proven method. While some might prefer a 3D mouse paired with a traditional mouse, others prefer to keep their hotkeys close and one hand on a Wacom tablet. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way…but everybody loves to have options.

Aiming to solve their own digital frustrations ranging between CAD modeling to Photoshop compositing and sound production, the design team behind Flow has combined three technologies that they feel will make data input even more powerful for a variety of creatives.

The hockey puck-shaped device (which is also wireless) features hand gesture recognition, touch-sensitivity and precise haptic feedback…all in an effort to make the hardware component of your digital creation experience feel as inconspicuous as possible and more like a natural extension of your hand.

“Our product designer Felix Christmann created Flow for his personal use to assist him with modeling tasks in AutoCAD,” company founder Tobias Eichenwald told SolidSmack.



“He soon found out that it was equally useful for working with other professional software, especially in the fields of 3D/graphic design and audio/video editing.”

With multiple members of the design team growing up in design and engineering-focused households, creating a new tool for digital creation seemed like a natural progression.

“Our parents are carpenters, engineers and electricians. It is fascinating and inspiring to watch how unconsciously they use their tools and the beauty and quality that results from using them. Why can’t interaction with the digital world feel the same way?”

On the software side, the dev team behind Flow has been busy creating controls for more than 30 of the most popular applications used by creative professionals…with more coming out each week. As of press time the team has developed controls for Adobe Creative Suite apps, Mcneel Rhino, Autodesk’s AutoCAD and others with more on the way soon.

They have also freely opened up their platform for developers to come up with their own controls for their favorite apps.

“We built Flow on an open platform, so developers can build even more applications.”


You can preorder a Flow starting at $69 over at Indiegogo.


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