Don your favorite bathrobe, cream that coffee, and get comfortable with this week’s SolidSmack Weekend Reader.

The Weekend Reader features a handful of the most interesting articles featured on the ‘Smack over the past week ranging from tips and tricks to inspirational designs, processes, and more. So lay back, relax and take a load off while reading the top ten stories on SolidSmack this past week.

Oh and uh…don’t forget to shed some much-needed sunlight on your face, too.

This Polymer Skateboard Deck Pops Higher and Lasts a Lifetime

Though skateboarders have been blessed with a variety of upgrades to the traditional skateboard (such as a smart electric skateboard with a built-in A.I. and a one-wheeled, all-terrain variant), traditional boards are built of maple plys that’ll snap as soon as you land on it wrong.

Nike Makers’ Experience Lets Users Generate Their Own Custom Shoe Design

For sneakerheads who would happily sell their offspring for a chance at exclusively designed shoes, listen up: You won’t have to!

The Secret to Making Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream? Liquid Nitrogen!

All this talk of innovations that haven’t come out yet and we end up forgetting the ones we already have.

MX3D Reveals First Section of 3D Printed Steel Bridge

Recently, we talked about MX3D getting all giant metal 3d printing robot on us and printing the 3D structures of the future. If you’re familiar with the company, you know they’ve been busy the last few years on a mission to build the first functional 3D printed bridge across the Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal in the De Wallen (red light) district of Amsterdam. They’ve now completed the first section at the MX3D warehouse and it’s now you’ll start to get a better realization of just how massive the 12 meter bridge will be.

Google Glass and Skylight Could Mean Big Advancements for 3D CAD Design

When Google Glass was released to the public in 2014, a lot of controversy ensued over privacy and safety concerns. When a piece of hardware obstructs your view with the data of strangers you share a sidewalk with, it isn’t hard to see how the device can feel a bit creepy to passersby. Thankfully, the prototype was discontinued by Google and brought back to the drawing board.

Top 3 Onshape Updates: Variable Fillet, Sheet Metal Tab, Bend Relief Size

Wel, well, well. Onshape features this year to date? A buck 0′ two. That’s right, Onshape has passed the 100 mark with a small nod and rumors of cookie dough ice cream for all Onshape employees over the next month on everyday that ends in ‘Y’.