For sneakerheads who would happily sell their offspring for a chance at exclusively designed shoes, listen up: You won’t have to!

Nike recently opened its Nike Makers’ Experience at the Nike By You Studio at 45 Grand in New York which will allows users to create their own one-of-a-kind pair of shoes. If you thought having one pair of $200 shoes was stylishly badass, making a shoe exclusively for you may sound even better.

The project is a result of combining digital design and footwear manufacturing. As the user enters the experience, he/she can use their past Nike heritage or utter a set of phrases to bring up a variety of graphic options. While bringing up your shoe history sounds cool in its own right, customizing your shoes with phrases seems to be where it’s at.

These phrases range from a person’s favorite color, birthday, name, childhood pet and more. Patterns associated with the uttered phrases then show up on the chosen shoe the design will be printed on.

The shoes you see here are the Nike Presto X, a profile created exclusively for the Nike Makers’ Experience. These sneakers come in two flavors: the traditional Presto X and a slip-on variant. No matter which type you choose, object tracking allows the studio to adjust the design based on the shoe’s outline.

According to Mark Smith, the VP of Innovation Special Projects at Nike, users of the experience tend to spend more time choosing their design than the time it takes for Nike to make them (which is roughly 90 minutes for a pair of Presto Xs).

The Nike Makers’ Experience is initially limited to Nike employees, their friends and family, and select Nike+ members, but will be made available to the public at a future date. Better start that Nike+ membership, oh, and .


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