Though skateboarders have been blessed with a variety of upgrades to the traditional skateboard (such as a smart electric skateboard with a built-in A.I. and a one-wheeled, all-terrain variant), traditional boards are built of maple plys that’ll snap as soon as you land on it wrong.

They just don’t last long before chipping or breaking down from all the punishment skateboarders put them through. Apart from tricks performed with the board, these slabs of wood on wheels can be subject to some pretty harsh treatment as well.

These are the problems Capsule wants to solve. Unlike your conventional skateboards, Capsule decks are made of 100% recyclable polymer, which is six times more durable than any multi-ply deck you’ll ever buy. According to the team behind it, this makes the Capsule virtually unbreakable and resistant to all types of weather.

For those who want to know how the Capsule performs when it comes to tricks, the deck is coated in a special film which makes it easier to slide down rails, walls, and just about any piece of public property. The composition of the deck reduces the impact riders experience when landing from a fakie front-side down a doubleset, which is a much-needed feature seeing as the materials used also make the skateboard pop higher.

The best feature of the Capsule would have to be the amount of waste and cost it reduces. It replaces the countless wooden decks skaters use over the span of one year with one durable, totally recyclable deck. Even when the Capsule reaches the end of its long life cycle, the board can be ground down to make new decks for future skaters.

It looks just like a regular deck and the Capsule comes in different widths for skateboards and lengths for longboards, with different cat and space-themed designs on all. The skateboard decks cost $75 while longboard decks cost $125, making their price range just about the same as a conventional skateboard deck.

Capsule is well on its way to their $30,000 goal on To learn more about it (and maybe preorder one for yourself), you can check out their page.

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