The bottles opened on their own. Not like you might think. The caps peeled themselves off slowly, cracking and grinding, the bottle content overflowing. Then the veins. Oh, the veins. Barely visible through the glass at first, but pressing, spreading up and out, forming the flapping tentacles of these links.

Elijah McNeal – Oh, how I love this style. Those lines. And the detail! Loads of it in mechs, ships, weapons and more. Interview here.

Kunstglaser – The life of a glasscutter, not as an artist, but as a outlet for artists to explore their work in the medium of glass.

Isle of Dogs – Could this be the new Wes Anderson movie trailer. Yes, yes I believe it is. Stop-motion. Symmetry. Bill Murray.

Old English Herbal – Cotton MS Vitellius C III is a composite illustrated manual on plant pharmacology dating to the 9th century containing many interesting entries for natural remedies.

Firstage – An AR music app that lets you view performances using a printed stage or by finding another. First in a line of performance art AR apps? Me thinks so.

Drone vs Rollercoaster – Because drone racing and rollercoasters are the perfect matchup I guess. Still, awesome.

Skies – The amazing photography of Mikko Lagerstedt. Worlds, waters, reflections and more.

Behaviour Morphe – Light mapping collaboration between Zaha Hadid Architects and computer science researchers Andy Lomas and Mubbasir Kapadia with musician Max Cooper.

Distance / Daunting – A somber track, but lovely visuals and colors in a story told quite creatively with an important moral.

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