The pizza has been delivered, the ale is chilled, and you’re just about ready to get floored with this week’s SolidSmack Weekend Reader.

The Weekend Reader is your In-shorts Reader and gives you a glimpse of the most interesting articles featured on the ‘Smack’. A recap of the week that was, and a glimpse of what you should be chewing on – figuratively, of course.

It Took 400,000 LEGO Bricks to Make This Volkswagon Camper Van (with Sliding Door)

The world is never short of life-size LEGO vehicles. We’ve seen a static Chevrolet Silverado Pickup Truck, a road-worthy LEGO Bugatti Chiron which can hit a roaring 12 MPH (20 KPH), and now, we have a classic: the Volkswagen Type 2 (T2) Bus or Kombi.

How to Form a Skateboard From Shredded Newspaper

Just about every kid (or kid at heart) has wanted to try riding a skateboard. Maybe it’s the thrill of using your momentum as a driving force or the fact that the darn thing comes without brakes; the bottom line is anyone who gets on a skateboard is in for a good time (or at the very least some broken bones).

newspaper skateboard

This CNC-Machined Map Commemorates the Finale of ‘Game of Thrones’

After nine long years of waiting and watching your favorite characters die untimely deaths, HBO’s Game of Thrones has finally come to an end, and exploring the land of Westeros on television rather than reading it through books holds a special place in every fan’s heart. Dom Riccobene is a product design engineer who proudly takes his love for the series to a whole new level. Using a height map previously made by graphic designer Alexandre De Sève, he adapts the topography of Westeros and uses it to make an AR map of the fictional land with a CNC machine.

AR map westeros

The Top Five Things You Need to Do at Rapid + TCT 2019

As North America’s most influential additive manufacturing event, Rapid + TCT 2019 exists on its own playing field when it comes to heavy-hitting announcements, power lunches, impactful keynotes, and all-around industry influence. Held this year at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan during May 20-23, over 400 3D technology providers alone will make up the exhibition hall—with over 6,000 attendees, 110 conference presentations, and more than a handful of workshops, keynotes, and networking receptions all covering the latest in additive technology applications.

Additive Manufacturing Process

Wikifactory Upends Collaborative Product Development, Launches Beta

If you’ve felt like the product dev community options are lacking or if your last project design community is messin’ with your emotions, there’s hope yet for you and your precious project collaboration dreams. Wikifactory is a new ‘social platform for collaborative product development’ but I’d go one step further to say it’s an end-to-end product development collaboration platform to capture software-hardware needs plus the process and the potential for a lot more.

Wikifactory 3d product collab platform

Tech We Need Now: This Self-Parking Chair From Nissan

You may know them primarily as a car company, but did you know Nissan also made self-parking chairs? It’s true and you can file this under, “Tech we need NOW.” Back in 2016, Nissan launched the Intelligent Parking Chair – a seat which incorporates the company’s patented Intelligent Parking Assist technology (most commonly found in their cars) and harnesses it to store itself back under the table or desk from where it once came

nissan intelligent parking chair