After nine long years of waiting and watching your favorite characters die untimely deaths, HBO’s Game of Thrones has finally come to an end, and exploring the land of Westeros on television rather than reading it through books holds a special place in every fan’s heart.

Dom Riccobene is a product design engineer who proudly takes his love for the series to a whole new level. Using a height map previously made by graphic designer Alexandre De Sève, he adapts the topography of Westeros and uses it to make an AR map of the fictional land with a CNC machine.

The physical map measures 24 by 40 inches and is CNC-machined from high-density urethane. From the walls of King’s Landing, all the way to the Northlands of Winterfell, every mountain, field, and body of water is embedded onto the map before being appropriately named using an AR label overlay.

AR map westeros
AR map westeros

The machine begins by carving a rough outline of the continent covering the lands and islands by the sea and ocean. Then it starts carving in the more intricate details, starting from the southland of Dorne and finishing its journey up north to The Land of Always Winter.

AR map westeros

You can view the entire original 60-megapixel map from Alexandre De Sève here and explore Westeros yourself. If you ever feel like watching Game of Thrones again, this will surely help you fifnd out where each character is going—or perhaps just as importantly, where they may end up when all is said and done.


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