For many, a line of LEGO-inspired 3D printed jewelry is sure to bring a wave of nostalgia. For others who still regularly buy LEGO sets, it’s simply an ingenious way to repurpose those extra bricks as fashion accessories. Such is the premise behind the new jewelry line from French design studio Hint Lab.

Thomas and Allie (the duo behind Hint Lab) came up with LEGO-based jewelry designs simply by sketching out their concepts, such as cross ring, quickly modeling them to LEGO dimensional accuracy and 3D printing.

Once orders are placed, Hint Lab sends the design over to Shapeways to print the high-res model with wax before casting in bronze, brass, or precious metals. Part of their Playful & Precious line, the jewelry comes in either ring or earring form and is all compatible with LEGO bricks, so you can build and rebuild different designs as many times as you like depending on your mood or outfit.

Both the rings and earrings will set you back about $85 (on Etsy) and up, depending on what metal you prefer. Those wanting specific designs can also contact Hint Lab directly for custom orders. According to a Hint Lab statement, “We 3D print many prototypes to test them and ensure they perfectly fit with Lego bricks and look gorgeous. Doing everything from scratch also allows us to create unique products. We love making new ideas come to life.”


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