You may know them primarily as a car company, but did you know Nissan also made self-parking chairs? It’s true and you can file this under, “Tech we need NOW.”

Back in 2016, Nissan launched the Intelligent Parking Chair – a seat which incorporates the company’s patented Intelligent Parking Assist technology (most commonly found in their cars) and harnesses it to store itself back under the table or desk from where it once came:

YouTube video

Watching a small army of chairs march themselves back after a long meeting looks just as creepy as it sounds. How does it work? By strategically placing four WiFi-enabled motion detecting cameras on a room’s ceiling, location information is transmitted to the chairs. This generates a bird’s-eye view of the room so the chairs can maneuver past obstacles and their fellow sentient brothers so they can find their way back to their proper receptacles.

YouTube video

The chairs can be programmed to remember their resting locations in a room. Once the chairs are out of place, clapping loudly activates their internal motor functions and brings them to life. It might be a little inconvenient when applause is called for during a meeting or conference, but nobody said progress didn’t come without sacrifices.

According to Nissan, the project was made in order for more people to enjoy their Intelligent Parking Assist technology. Since most people in Japan commute to get around, not as many folks can afford or even want to drive a car. An unforeseen bonus? By incorporating the tech in a chair and making everyone feel uncomfortable around self-moving furniture, more folks will be cautious about clapping their hands in a room full of Nissan chairs.

And, may I just add, why are these not available YET?


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