It was a vast crucible of beetles and malarky–the two things you were always aware of but never wanted to see combined. Somehow they had been joined together. And the indescribable horror they produced shuttered all hope, save for the light chain rays, if we could but reach them, of these ventricle-expanding links.

Jerome Comentale – Green pastures, floating sky islands, vast landscapes. Behold the king, and while he does that, take in the breathtaking views of this artist from Nantes, France.

BIG IN JAPAN IPA – Just absolutely brilliant SingleCut introduces beer that brings music to your ears. Each BIG IN JAPAN IPA label features visual clues for a rock song that was ‘Big in Japan’, painstakingly arranged within a QR code–The clues allude to everything from lyrical references to a band’s signature wardrobe–that you can then scan to learn more and play the song.

Rainbow Grandpa – Rainbow Grandpa Huang Yung-fu, saves the village from demolition… by painting it. Incredible story too.

Xylology – Defined here. Wood sculpted faces multiplied in expressions that range from distressed to joyful. All in a single sculpture.

Many-Sided Story – A 55-sided pentacontapentagon and a 79- sided heptacontaenneagon. The system by which polygon names are defined.

Battleship vs Bomber – FlightTest takes on the challenge of constructing an RC Battleship and pitting it against one of their planes.

PlayDate –  Created with care, for people who love videogames. Panic’s dinky handheld is the console no-one saw coming.

OneStep 2 Instant Camera – I love the commercial initiatives around the hit series Stranger Things. Polaroids original, developed in collaboration with Hawkins National Laboratory, of course.

Free – A new Jordan Jay & STVCKS mix to get you’re summer going. (Btw, Spinnin’ has a new Ibiza mix if you prefer something a bit more laid back.)

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