Don your favorite bath robe, cream that coffee and get comfortable with this weekend’s SolidSmack Weekend Reader.

This week we saw everything from a new parametric multi-material CAD program to an update to the popular Paper by FiftyThree iPad app and more.

So lay back, relax and take a load off while reading the top ten stories on SolidSmack this past week.

Oh and uh…don’t forget to shed some much-needed sunlight on your face, too.

Monolith – Hybrid CAD Ushers in True Parametric Multi-Material Design


“At only 12.7 MB, this new CAD package packs a punch! Although it may come with a bit of a steep learning curve, Monolith enables users to vary the quantity of multiple materials on a voxel-by-voxel basis. New 3D Printing technologies – such as those seen in Stratasys’ Objet multi-material 3D printers – allow the creation of monolithic hinges with a varying gradient of flexible and hard materials and color options…”

The $35 PC: Raspberry Pi 2 Launches Today, Will Include Windows 10 for Free


“Since hitting the market in 2012, the Raspberry Pi has been nothing short of a game-changing educational device for hackers, makers, educators, students, engineers and curious designers. The tiny computer – which is priced at just $35 – has helped spawn legions of open source product designs ranging from streaming internet radios and video game consoles to musical instruments and even full-blown computers…”

This 1916-Part Digital Clock is a Love Letter to Soldering


“Regardless if you call it a meditation on soldering or perhaps an act of craziness, Gislain Benoit’s “The Clock” deserves at least some sort of recognition for its OCD-like organizational neatness…”

Google’s Project Tango 3D Scanning Tablet Moves Closer to Reality


“For the past couple of years, the engineers at Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group (ATAP) have been heavily-focused on their 3D mapping technology in the form of Project Tango. The Android-based phone/tablet platform (which is still currently in prototype stage and available to some developers) is designed to create high-quality and accurate 3D maps of a user’s environment that can be used as data to be integrated into app development. In a nutshell, the project is focused on putting a super-powerful 3D scanner and mapping technology directly on your smartphone or tablet…”

The Father/Son Team Who Will Completely Redefine Cycling


“If you know a cyclist, you’ve likely heard complaints about that persnickety front bicycle derailleur. Well, to take those derailleur woes away, a father and his three sons have come up with a simple device which could redefine cycling as we know it – a 3-speed front gearbox. Efneo is on a mission to shake up shifting and the speed at which you’re able to switch gears…”

The Road to Funded: Equity Crowdfunding Rises in the UK While Languishing in the US


“With every great idea, Seed investment can go a long way towards turning it into an actual and great product. While crowdfunding has only been around for close to a decade, it has been the primary proving ground for testing ideas and turning out products that can end up becoming sustaining businesses…”

A Valentine’s Day Gift to Express your Love of Good Design


“Nendo, one of the best Japanese design studios of late, have taken to chocolate yet again and created a few bonbons that truly go outside the norm…”

FiftyThree Releases All Premium Drawing Tools for Free in Paper Sketching App


“For those who prefer starting their ideation sketching sessions on an iPad, there’s a good chance that FiftyThree’s Paper has been tried at least a few times – if it isn’t already the go-to drawing app on their iPad. The freemium app, which features a bundle of stylized drawing tools to aid in the sketching process, has been downloaded by over 13 million users. While the base app is and always has been free, FiftyThree has been able to successfully keep their development engine running through selling premium features that unlocked more drawing tools…”

Welcome Back 3-Button Mouse. 3Dconnexion Announces the CadMouse.


“Today, 3Dconnexion announce a new product. They’re not pucking around with another SpaceMouse, though, oh no. Today, they announce the CadMouse, which is less like a 3D Mouse, and more like your regular mouse, but with smart scroll, command access and a special spot for that middle nubbin to send cad-jabs of pleasure to your central button-pressing unit. Let’s have a look, but first questions first. Why even develop a plain-old mouse??”

Take a Step Back in Time and Experience the Original SolidWorks Site from 1996


“Leading up to SolidWorks World next week in Phoenix, we thought we’d take a moment to take a brief look at just how far the company has come from its original heyday when it was founded by Jon Hirschtick with his Blackjack winnings after a successful stint with the infamous MIT Blackjack team that was featured in the movie 21…”