Leading up to SolidWorks World next week in Phoenix, we thought we’d take a moment to take a brief look at just how far the company has come from its original heyday when it was founded by Jon Hirschtick with his Blackjack winnings after a successful stint with the infamous MIT Blackjack team that was featured in the movie 21.

Although the company was founded by Hirschtick in 1993, it wasn’t until two years later that the popular CAD software saw its first release. As anyone can remember, this was still a relatively early time for the internet and most – if not all – sites ran on the same basic HTML that is currently taught to elementary school students today.

Thanks to the web archiving tool Wayback Machine, we’re able to step back in time to experience the very first SolidWorks website – which came out in 1996 – in its full glory.


Among other topics seen on the site include “Announcing SolidWorks 96 for Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 95”, a Design Gallery contest to “Win 2 Free Coach Tickets to anywhere in the continental US” and even some job postings that include “webmaster” and “technical writer”, among others.



Grab yourself a root beer, kick back and see the site in-full here.