Foot stomps and smocks! Crazy smocks, as a matter of fact. You want one? I want one. Preferably equipped with pony smiles, blinking lights, and these links.

Theodoru Badiu – Everything from Paper head boy to Tentacle Monsters and one-legged spheroid birds. Teodoru has 3D characters down.
Making of “The Tattooed Skull” – Hey, it’s not a real skull, but it’s a real tutorial and guess what, it uses Photoshop.
High Speed – You like to break stuff and capture it breaking. You are weird and also cool. thanks Xea!
Seven Samurai Team Building – You too can attack your employees with sticks and build large fortifications against criminal elements. btw, GREAT MOVIE.
Dinosaurs in German TV – At first you’re like, that’s for real, then that’s so fake, then that is one huge freaky puppet.
Anatomy of Japanese Folk Monsters – Print these and hang them on your child’s wall. Later on, they’ll thank you for it.
Drawing is Thinking – It’s also fun and makes you less dumb. Milton Glaser.

Bonus! You got da Beat!
Stylophone!Buy, iPhone, Cool Factor
Caribbean Finger Drums – hey mon, island jammin!
Ron “Typewriter” Mingo“Hard Work, *Jazzy Sax Riff*, Hard Work”


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