The ice of lands and fallen dirigibles among the sands blended a jagged crust against the horizon. Five were there, ready with leathers and vorpal tinder scabbards trimmed in the glittering fury of these links.

Timothée Mathon – Huge range of ability from exacting detail in character concepts to vast, amazingly lit medieval scenes.

Blindsight – Is it a ship? Is it a crew? Grown in stacks? This is the sci-fi short from Danil Krivoruchko and freinds that recounts memories of first contact.

Kill Your Idioms – Is it easier to kill two birds with one stone, or kill one bird at a time. A quick animated analysis of idioms taken literally, or even figuratively.

Flowers and Smoke – Instagram follow of the week. And his recent work is some of my absolute favorites. Robert Peek captures flowers rising and peeking from smoke.

Take This Lollipop – If you like a little fright, you’ll enjoy this interactive webcam project that puts you in a video call with an unexpected end.

DYST Op – A dystopian/sci-fi/cyber-punk series from now 3D Artist Lucas Savelli, created after learning Blender during quarantine.

The Map – A short documentary on the redesign of the New York Subway system, from the iconic/controversial paper maps into a real-time view of the underground network.

Negative Lies – Pencil on paper drawing series from Henrique de Franca that explores tone and negative space.

Kitayama Cedars – An interesting look at how Japan’s famous cedars are cared for and cut to acheive their signature straightness.

Head Up High – Catchy new tune from FITZ in video with an mish-mash of animation.

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