Dribbles of paint-infused light pushed through the cracks of its split-iron chin. We had stabuals upon stabuals of chin pickers and beast-arm blast batteries but nothing that would breach the bronze edifice of these links.

A. Shipwright – A self-described ‘amateur’, he’s anything but. Sketches and water color of monster and beast, creature and knight, and much more.

Creepy Things – Hey, it’s October. This is the first in a series from illustrator Sasha Korenev, that mixes toony with a cool cel-shaded, screen print style.

Ash Pond – Part 2 of the series from photographer, Tom Hegen, that shows the serene beauty of coal ash depositories from above.

Patch Tat – Instagram follow of the week. Min Zumi creates rather unique tattoos with the appearance of an embroidered patch or die-cut sticker.

Nature Journal – The incredible nature journal entries of artist Devon Wood. On Instagram here as well. Uses my favs from Blackwing and Micron.

Meatballs – an experiment from with Code, a site to feature animations through creative coding, created by Jongmin Kim, Senior UX Engineer at Google.

GPS III Launch – Watch SpaceX launch a Falcon 9 with the latest GPS satellite tech, Friday, Oct 2 at 8:45 PM CT, live from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

PyTorch – Incredible new open-source AI from Microsoft that is capable of amazing restoration of old photos. See the project here.

Traf – A gloriously simple, beautiful, minimal icon set for iOS 14. The story about how it happened is here.

All Wants She That – The hit from Ace of Base, with beats 2 and 4 swapped. Turns out it’s an all-new hit. Listen to more beat swaps on Steve Badach’s YouTube.

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