Echos bellowed with a razor battered cut and clang against the steel rock-conveyor troughs. All was not what was heard and even less what was seen. Beneath the rumble a stretching screech, drawn from deep within the cavity between each breath that carried with it the odor of these links.

Aw Anqi – Light and dark, angels and demons, but moreso the tension between the chacracters in an array of vibrant environments.

808303 – A web-based version of a Roland TR-808 and Roland TB-303 for you to setup a loop for the rest of the Smackdown.

12 Sunset – Ed Ruscha started photographing Sunset Strip in the 60s. Getty has digitized over 60,000 negatives to take you on an interactive ride along the strip.

Seekers 2.0 – ‘Vibrational wood sculptures’ by LA-based 3D artist Jean-Michel Verbeeck.

Domik Ptashki – And something made of real wood. An interesting oblong birdhouse made by DYDYKIN Studios, with making of to boot.

Mummy – A 2500 year old mummy sarcophagus was opened in Egypt. It’s 2020. What could go wrong. More about the dig and unearthing of all 59 coffins here.

CUPOTY – Close-up photography of the year winners. Animals, plants, and more.

Translated Vase – The sculpture of YeeSookyung, made up of discarded ceramic fragments, like 3-dimensional blobs of fused ceramic shards.

V12 Speedster – The 5.2-litre, twin-turbo V12 with peak output of 700hp from Aston Martin. Only 88 will be available in 2021.

Accidentally Wes Anderson – If you know the site (or similar Reddit), you’ll love the book. 200 shots with stories.

Happy Anywhere – New lyric video from Blake Shelton featuring Gwen Stefani featuring some monochromatic, low-poly pop-up world style 3D visuals.

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