Yes, it’s all fun and games until… someone jabs an elfin creature in the eye, gets a gnarly infection and start projectile vomiting all over the place. Fortunately, it’s a virtual elfin creatures we’re talking about. The people behind it… 3DVia.

Last week at the Dassault Customer Conference, I found out some top secret (totally-not-top-secret) information about what 3DVia and Dassault has been working on behind the scenes. A new augmented reality game. But get this, it’s not just regular old AR…

It’s interactive, meaning you can play with it, manipulate it, press buttons and make creatures, and possibly other people watching you, do your bidding. Interactive 3D is now off the 2D screen… kinda.

Transform your cereal box into a 3D augmented reality videogame

“A new online experience by Dassault Systemes around the new movie Arthur and the revenge of Maltazard (youtube trailer). Our offering is composed of unique applications based on our multi-support 3DVIA Virtools platform. This allows us to create interactive, cross platform 3D experiences, that could be in 3-D, collective, online, in virtual and augmented reality devices, as well as on game consoles, stereoscopic screens or even in traditional cinema theaters.”

Hold hands with your favorite fantasy character and check out the video of one of the Dassault team members giving the elf a little tickle.

And then here’s David Laubner from 3DVia, putting that dirty little elf on top of his noggin at SIGGRAPH a few weeks back.

By the way, you can totally get into character at Dassault’s Minimoys Central. You and your whole family. Creeperific.

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