Transforming aircraft and vehicles? NO, surely, you must be kidding. That’s a phenomenal concept. You should run with it and make a movie or animated children’s series.

So, I came across one transformer done up in SolidWorks. It’s pretty much downhill from there and turns into pink bunnies and orange Nissans. But the best thing? The animations get cooler… and then make you sad that you are only flesh and blood… which would look disgusting if you tried to expose your innards by turning into a hibiscus or a baby squirrel.

F-14 Transformer

Some students in and Engineering graphics course (typically a freshman course) at Ohio State University slapped this F-14 fighter jet together. So what if it’s blocky and simple! They’re just getting their feet wet. Plus, it a heckuvalot cooler than a video of a sleep deprived kid doing orthographic projections.

Concept Car Transformer

This is a full up engineered concept car created in SolidWorks… and it transforms. All the parts and such were done in SolidWorks, the animation and rendering in Inventor. Too bad it’s purple, cause if it wasn’t it would be red and covered in blood, tar and booze.

Bunny transformer

Oh, and here’s a bunny transformer robot that’s too pink and too cute to pass up. Plus, it one mean lookin’ bunny. It’s done in 3D Max and apparently only took a month to do… in a college dorm room. yeah right. We all know, the only thing that takes a month in a college dorm room is sleeping off a bad cafeteria enchilada.

Nissan transformer

This video is older, but I couldn’t pass it up. It’s done up in Maya and the video puts Michael Bay to shame with the longest power slide around a corner to transformation you’ve ever seen, complete with Hardcastle and McCormick theme music. Seriously, this is the way I wish I could enter every room. WAIT. It IS how I enter every room.


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