After all those stories about heat gun life hacks and crafts, you probably think that there are no more interesting things left to talk about it. But – no – it turns out it can be used to cook food, as well!

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While not that efficient when it comes to time and energy consumption, YouTuber Mr. Hacker showed you can definitely use the heat gun as a replacement for your stove, oven, or toaster.

cooking with heat gun

Instead of harming the environment with a gas stove, you can heat up your food using your heat gun. It will definitely take longer (and I mean MUCH longer), but you’ll be able to count yourself amongst the few who can say they’ve cooked food with a hardware device.

cooking with heat gun

Eggs, hotdogs, leftover pizza in the fridge – there seems to be no food that can’t be heated with some time and a good heat gun. You can even fry raw meat patties by heating up your pan. And the best part? You can cook without using any oil.

cooking with heat gun

Boiling is another cooking process you can achieve with the heat gun. Simply pour some water in a glass or heat-resistant container (something which won’t easily melt or catch fire) and heat it up with your heat gun. You’ll know the water is ready when bubbles start to appear angrily on top; meaning this is the perfect time to cook a couple of eggs or add some broth cubes to make a nice soup.

cooking with heat gun

And who can forget the old outdoor pastime of roasting marshmallows? To be honest, one of my biggest peeves with roasting these sugary cubes of fluff is when they get burnt.

But with a heat gun, you have full control of the temperature around your marshmallows. You can melt them into a gooey paste, warm them up, or (if you’re an absolute monster) burn them into a char. No matter your preference, this is one instance where the application of the heat gun is better than the conventional method of cooking something.

If you have the time to kill and don’t mind getting carpal tunnel syndrome, cooking with a heat gun is definitely a viable option when it comes to cooking all sorts of foods.


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