Your average everyday heat gun is a definite boon when it comes to handiwork. You can use it to heat frozen pipes, shrink wrap plastic, and more easily strip paint, just to name a few handy uses.

But did you know you can also incorporate a high-powered heat gun into your artwork? While it may seem excessive, The Hedgehog Hollow found a couple of neat applications for a heat gun which can give your art (and in one instance, your coffee addiction) some added flair.

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Melting and Spreading Coloring Materials

heat gun in art craft

We all know the heat gun is capable of producing hot air, so it comes as no surprise that you can use this air to melt all kinds of art materials. Paint, wax, oil – all these can be easily liquefied and spread with the use of a heat gun.

What makes this better than using a brush is that the heat gun can remove any annoying air bubbles which come from working with liquid products like paint. If you’re not big on using real paint, you can melt a couple of crayons and spread the wax around to create a faux paint masterpiece.

Wood Burning

heat gun in art craft

Though a heat gun is a dangerous power tool, it seems tame compared to a blow torch or a flamethrower.

With this in mind, the heat gun is a perfect substitute for real flame when it comes to wood burning. On top of the fact that you’re not working with real flame, the absence of fire allows you to better see your creation. Thanks to the heat gun’s settings and multiple nozzle attachments, you can finely adjust the intensity of your burn art; allowing for the creation of some beautiful pieces.

Oh, and there’s less danger of accidentally setting your burn art aflame. Which, you know, is nice.


heat gun in art craft

Quick back-to-school lesson: this is the skipping of the solid to the gas state of matter without passing through the liquid state. While this may seem a tad complex, the example in the video shows a mug sleeve being wrapped around a mug and using the heat to print on some iron-on designs.

To be honest, I have no idea what heating prints around a mug have to do with the scientific definition of sublimation but hey, that heat gun wraps that sleeve around the mug pretty securely!

Roasting Coffee Beans

heat gun in art craft

After a whole day of heat gunning, you want to relax with a nice cup of coffee. But… Oh! Your coffee machine is broken!

No matter. You can take your handy heat gun and roast those coffee beans yourself! This is definitely not the ideal way to roast beans, but what are you going to do? End the day without coffee? Yeah, I thought so.

Those are just a few artsy (and one not-so-artsy) ways of using a heat gun. If you’ve found other outlandish ways of using a heat gun, do let us know!


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