Finding the right free 3D modeling software that will fit your current skills and knowledge can be a challenge.

For beginners, any type of this software is a tad intimidating. With a variety of software out there, finding a simple one can be truly a bit of work. If you are someone who is just starting into the field, we’re sure you don’t want to have software with all unnecessary intricacies that you’re not even sure how to use. That’s for sure.

On the other hand, pros often look for 3D modeling software with all the bells and whistles they need. However, with tons of choices out there, it means looking for a needle in a haystack. So where should you start? Let us help you out.

This review will cover the best free 3D modeling software that offers the finest features and functions. We sought every corner of the digital world to weigh on each one and highlight the best of the best that could fit nicely to your needs.

Whether you are a pro or a novice, we have something to offer that will certainly make your 3D task experience more enjoyable. As such, take time to analyze the best features of the following 3D modeling software below and we hope you come up with a tremendous choice after this good read.


Okay, here’s what every beginner is looking for - TiinkerCAD. What’s so special about this? It is for beginners and when mean it. Whether you a student or an adult on the look for a new hobby in the world of 3D, this is your ultimate lifesaver.

TinkerCAD works by utilizing shapes to allow the formation of a CAD model. Besides being colorful, the basic shapes like sphere, cylinder, cubes, and pyramid can be easily rotated, rescaled, and attached to each other to form a 3D model. With just a simple drag-and-drop motion, you’ll be like a preschooler playing and experimenting with shapes.

Another good thing about TinkerCAD is that it also caters to the needs of more advanced users by allowing them to work on electronic assemblies through programming and simulation. It also boasts of the capability to apply lines of code to create 3D objects.

That being said, whether you just want to play and explore 3D shapes or exercise your knowledge about codes, TinkerCAD is definitely phenomenal!


Let’s give this program to pros and advanced users. As such, expect that it has a steep learning curve that you need to deal with in order to grasp its entirety. But with that comes all the perks you can enjoy as this is an all-in-one software that you can rely on whatever kind of 3D task you are into.

To better describe it, Blender is packed with a vast number of 3D modeling tools that can be of great help for video games, 3D printing, film VFX, and 3D model design. It is also filled with sculpting tools for intricate details, video editing tools, and even an integrated game engine!

That said, it is no question why this is the leading free 3D modeling software being adored and supported by various active communities online. And if you are planning to give it a try, you’ll be surprised by the great number of STL files, 3D models, and other information available online to back you up. 

3D Slash

Are you into Minecraft? If not, we’re sure you’re at least familiar with it due to its popularity among kids and young adults. So, why are we asking that? Because 3D slash revolves around the building concept of the game! Exciting!

That said, if you know how to use a variety of tools on Minecraft, we’re more than certain that you can also navigate the tools of 3D Slash.

It features tools like a trowel, drill, chisel, hammer, and pulpwood that you can use to modify the cubes of your model. It is also capable of mapping pictures and text onto a model in no time.

It has a free version where you can use its basic functions, tools, and colors. Of course, just like any other software, your choices are a bit limited in this kind of deal. So if you want to have more of it, we suggest purchasing its commercial version. This will let you get your hands on other project management tools, wider options of color, and higher resolution for your models just for $2 to $20 per month.

As of now, there is no doubt that the concept of 3D Slash is very simple, especially when it comes to its interface and basic tools. Nonetheless, developers of the software are still working on its new updates to provide a more enjoyable experience to its users.

As such, we have to say that 3D Slash is one of the best and fun 3D modeling software that will entice any type of user… and gamer, perhaps?


Vectary is another piece of cake 3D modeling software available. Compared to others that brag simple building concepts, Vectary will give you an extensive library of 3D objects. That is right. You heard it. It works like a mini library where you can simply pull out the objects you need to create your model. It also offers pre-rendered web headers, 3D typography, package design, and more. The best thing about it is that it works using a drag-and-drop function which means faster work for you in real-time.

After knowing all about that, it sure that Vectary already has the sufficient features and qualities to support you with your 3D works but, no, there’s more!

Vectary is equipped with very efficient sharing and collaboration tools that will allow you to connect with others through the web.

All in all, Vectary is a terrific option for those who are graphic and game design. Most of all, thanks to its collaboration tools, it is an excellent pick for individuals working on product designs that entail collaboration of a team. And if you don’t mind having some watermarks on your works or you just have a few projects on your mind (since it has a limit for the number of projects you can have), its free version is enough. Nonetheless, if you have that creative mind that needs more powerful tools, better have its premium plan for $25 a month.


FreeCAD is a free open-source 3D modeling software that is perfect for individuals (especially mechanical engineers) who already have prior design experience and for those who love to tinker on various programs. 

Apparently, FreeCAD has a learning curve for novice users. Nonetheless, for a program that is capable of creating models of real-life objects in a very efficient way, this is a true bad boy and still relatively easier to use than other options you have.

Moreover, FreeCAD can establish the right complexity for figures and other 3D object models through the use of a handful of tools. Yes, a handful. Most of all, using it is still fairly easy since you can start the project with the use of a static 2D sketch which is one of its best features. You see, in this program, you can start with the tiniest detail possible and add more details to your model. Through this simple process, users are allowed to gradually transform 2D models into 3D ones like a picnic.


If you have the knowledge of the basics of using a 3D slicer, Meshmizer will put you in a higher level of 3D printing game. It is true that it is not really that ideal for beginners but once you get the hang of it, you’d probably print all the 3D objects you know with all the best filaments available.

Tagged as a ‘Swiss Army Knife,’ this software is an all-around 3D modeling software that allows you to work on your project in detail, be it manipulation, merging, or splicing of the models.

Meshmixer also boasts of features that are downright crucial in 3D printing tasks. For instance, the software can orient the model on the print bed and even build support structures on the model itself. It even has a convert-to-solid function that helps you easily prepare the model for the 3D printer before the printing process.

And if you think it couldn’t get any better, Meshmixer has a set of sculpting tools and other features perfect for model optimization and analysis. With these tools that can aid you in mesh repair and automatic surface alignments, you can definitely repair and clean up any 3D model of yours in no time for free! Amazing? Yes, it is! We can’t even believe that you can have such kind of software with all those sorts of features without paying even a single dollar! Sweet!


If you are familiar with SculptGL, we know that you’ll love ZBrushCoreMini even better. Just like the former, the concept of ZBrushCoreMini revolves around the idea of ‘molding’ a lump of virtual clay. However, it can create more detailed 3D sculptures and complex objects compared to SculptGL due to its wider variety of tools and features.

It is armed with eight tools that will allow the user to work on the virtual clay provided at the start of the project. These tools make it possible to create better shapes, curves, and cuts to the object by providing functions like smoothening, subtracting, adding, pinching, and inflating. Here, you can even edit the meshes using the brushstrokes and map and paint the textures of the sculpture once you’re done.

So, if you are that folk who wants to go a little different by dropping the conventional 3D CAD modeling software, this is for you. ZBrushCoreMini makes the creation of models more creative and brings out the artist in you.


If you are into challenges, OpenSCAD might be the best choice for you. This is primarily due to the nature of this software that is run by using codes. Yes, brother - CODES that some people hate, but loved by most geeks like us here at SolidSmack.

That being said, if you don’t fancy the creative and visual way of designing a 3D model or if you hate being clueless about the functions of various icons, give OpenSCAD a chance. 

This program will allow you to use code and scripts which means you can have better control over the structure of the model… as long as you know your codes, that is.

Currently, OpenSCAP is still in the continuous progress of development with the aid of updates and patches being created by its developers, Marius Kintel and Clifford Wolf. So, in the future, you can expect more exciting stuff about this program.


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