Okay, I know we’ve been going crazy with the countless applications of the heat gun, but there are just so many! Who knew having a handheld heat-spewing device could be useful in so many situations?!

With that said, this will be the last time I’ll be covering heat gun hacks, at least for the near future. This time, we’ll be looking at heat gun tips and tricks from YouTuber NewKew which you can use in everyday situations:

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everyday heat gun hacks

Bending Plastic Rulers Into Supports

While not a hack per se, being able to bend plastic by heating it is more useful than you think.

A lot of objects at home are made from the said material. A plastic ruler, for example, can be bent and turned into a support beam. Slap on a battery pack, a motor, and a propeller and you can make yourself a handy dandy portable electric fan!

everyday heat gun hacks

Creating Easy-To-Drink Aluminum Can Tops

Whoever designed the aluminum soda can definitely didn’t think much about how people would drink out of it. It may be easy to drink out of a soda can when it’s full, but it gets increasingly more difficult when you get to those final dregs of cola. Couple this with an easy-spill opening and it isn’t hard to see why more people prefer plastic bottle tops over aluminum cans.

So why not fit your soda cans with plastic tops?

Simply cut off the top portion of an old plastic bottle and place it on top of an open (but full) aluminum soda can. Heat the plastic with your heat gun until it securely fits the can et voilà! A plastic top made specifically for your soda of choice!

everyday heat gun hacks

Shrink-Wrapping Plastic

I’ve mentioned this hack in passing before, but the shrink-wrapping capabilities of the heat gun cannot be overstated.

While you can melt the openings of plastic bags to seal the food inside with a metal ruler and heat gun, perishable foods such as meat and dairy can be given an extra layer of security by heating the entire plastic package.

everyday heat gun hacks

Removing Dry Liquid Stains

Got some dry paint or glue on your table?

Don’t chisel it off; you might just do more damage to the table. Instead, try heating the liquid stain with your heat gun. Since most heat guns have multiple settings, you can adjust the temperature depending on the substance staining the surface.

Once the liquid has released its grip on your table, just flick it off like a nasty booger!

everyday heat gun hacks

Hard-Boiling Eggs

This hack is actually more troublesome to do than the way you normally would.

Instead of placing an egg into boiling water for a couple of minutes, you can poke a tiny hole on the bottom and blast the whole egg with your heat gun. You have to make sure each side is evenly heated for 10 minutes before turning off the heat and dunking the egg into some warm water.

Let the egg sit and cool for a while before you take it out. Peeling off the shell reveals you have just hard-boiled an egg. You can now use said egg for cooking, eating, or whatever else it is you do with a cooked egg!

NewKew has a ton of easy DIY experiments and lifehacks that you can try out for yourself. If you aren’t feeling particularly crafty and want to make something with minimal effort, be sure to check his YouTube channel.


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