Don your favorite bath robe, cream that coffee and get comfortable with this weekend’s SolidSmack Weekend Reader.

For our first week of the new year, we saw everything from the complicated disassembly (and reassembly) of a Rolex Submariner watch, a design duo who are bring the vacuum forming aesthetic to fashion, a shower inspired by showering methods used in space and more.

So lay back, relax and take a load off while reading the top ten stories on SolidSmack this past week.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro [Review]


“With a subtitle like 13 inches of Awesome, you may expect nothing but praise for the most innovative (we don’t use that word lightly) tablet we saw launch in 2014…”

Clever Speaker Design Ships with Components to Assemble with a Cinder Block


“When taking a glance at his past projects including the Who’s There Chair, Cargo Containers and Power Lines, it becomes clear that industrial designer Daniel Ballou not only finds joy in solving everyday design problems, but he likes to provide a somewhat humorous experience for the end user as well…”

Rethinking Hardware Security in the Age of the Internet of Things


“The Internet of Things. We all know that having an iPhone-controlled thermostat or a Wifi-capable pacemaker is the future, but is it safe?”

Voxel8 Announces Jaw-Dropping Electronics 3D Printer


“Electronics 3D Printing, which combines your standard Additive Manufacturing and elements of PCB prototyping, came one step closer to your cluttered desktop. Voxel8 just released to CES 2015 an amazing video demonstrating their first commercial product, showing off how it can 3D Print plastic and conductive ink traces, allowing anyone to create a completely integrated product…”

3DS Knows Something We Don’t, Buys BotObjects


“It’s always interesting when a controversial company buys another controversial company…”

New 4K Drone Footage Reveals Build Update of Apple’s New Headquarters


“Since his famous presentation in front of the Cupertino City Council on June 7th, 2011 (just one day after presenting at the 2011 WWDC), Steve Jobs’ vision of bringing a spaceship-inspired Apple headquarters down to earth has been slowly coming to life…”

Amaze/Torment Your Friends. Build This Mini LEGO Chainsaw


“There’s one thing you don’t have laying around your office this new year. A Chainsaw. A mini LEGO Chainsaw. It’s just sad, a person of your stature and arm strength, with no Mini LEGO Chainsaw. Let’s put an end to that this instant…”

MakerBot Announces Expanded Ecosystem Including Industrial Design Services


“Although they’ve been on the market for awhile as a 3D printer manufacturer now, MakerBot has been up to a lot more than just creating glorified hot glue guns that create colorful vases and toys…”

New E-Ink Keyboard Design Converts Itself to Reveal Application-Specific Hot Keys


“Ask anybody who has become a speed demon within an app what their secret is and more often than not, an expert-level use of hot keys is likely to be among the more common answers…”

Interview: Creating the BiCi Smart Bicycle with Industrial Designer Minchen Jiang


“Basic Conception (AKA BiCi) is a smart bicycle with tech that will make you drool all over the handlebars of your Huffy. Among other features, the goodies include built-in sensors that track your cycling stats to keep your ‘quantified self’ busy during the duration of your route to grandma’s house…”