There’s one thing you don’t have laying around your office this new year. A Chainsaw. A mini LEGO Chainsaw. It’s just sad, a person of your stature and arm strength, with no Mini LEGO Chainsaw. Let’s put an end to that this instant. František Hajdekr, from Bavorov, Czech Republic, creates all sorts of detailed LEGO builds. He’s a painter, sculptor, photographer and of course accomplished LEGO creator. His most recent build is a wee LEGO Technic chainsaw, ready to meet your little LEGO lumberjack fantasies with moving motor piston and chainsaw blade.

František starts with a simpler version of the chainsaw, then beefs it up with a different handle, larger cover and modified exhaust. Even though it doesn’t start up and run, it does function with a little pulley wheel and string. I’m convinced however it could be updated yet again to use the Technic Micromotor (2986), providing endless hours of continuous chainsaw action to amaze/torment your friends, children or spouse. Of course, the next logical step is to make Ash’s chainsaw fist to attached to your severed arm. Here’s the completed mini chainsaw…

YouTube video

and the build in 6 minutes 51 seconds.

YouTube video

Check out František’s Flickr Photo stream for more detail shots, a previous version and more creations. You’ll also find fresh builds and how-to’s on his Youtube channel, including this simple approach to an all terrain suspension using only a few parts.









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