They brandished their coils, sharp, fearsome, dripping with the ink of ages. A nonlethal threat should they dry, buy nay, not a day past without a letter, a sketch, a note. The scribbles shook foundations built on stale fears, twisted tales and blinded thought. Never would they fall, with pens enchanted by these links.

David Hobbins – Artist for film and games, but this is his site for concept dev across vehicle, architecture and more.

Camera Selfies – I can’t stand selfies, but I can totally stand cool shots of vintage cameras like these taken by J. Flynn Novotny.

Nikita Nomerz – He paint walls, or rather, paints faces on walls. The first, The Big Brother, is my fav.

3 6 9 – “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” probably, maybe Tesla.

GoodUI – What goes into a good UI? Turns out words help. Words and layout… and consistency, and a few other things. Just take a look.

Earth Animated – What’s going on in the oceans with the waves and such. This, turns out. Zoom in and be amazed.

Desk Designer Essentials – A collection of objects, on desks, for making other collections of objects, on desks.

Je Suis Charlie – This week terrorists killed and wounded people in Paris because of a cartoon. Illustrators respond.

C’etait un Rendevous – Short documentary of Claude Lelouch’s original video of the high-speed, illegal race through Paris in his Mercedes 450SEL.

Omens – New video from White Lighter on Northern.

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