The only feeling better than jabbing a syringe full of highly volatile nuclear material into my chest, is jabbing a syringe full of nuclear reactor cut-aways of the 3D variant into my eyeholes.

Prepare for a chain reaction of mildly tingling proportions that may send your 3D appeal into a mile-wide meltdown. For those that grew up in the old days, cut-away and other tech illustrations hold a special spot in the heart right next to that spot that loves to store old engineering scales, vellum and the yawns of cranky old drafters.

These reactors are on my new fav list of cut-aways to collect and I think you’ll like’em too.

Super Phénix: Creys-Malville Nuclear Power Station

Superphénix or SPX is a nuclear power station on the Rhône River at Creys-Malville in France, close to the border with Switzerland. A fast breeder reactor, it halted electricity production in 1996 and was closed as a commercial plant in 1997. – Wikipedia


Image posted by Peacay

Snupps (Standardized Nuclear Unit Power Plant System)

“SNUPPS is an acronym standing for Standardized Nuclear Unit Power Plant System. It refers to a 4-loop PWR reactor design produced by Westinghouse in the 1970s. The design was developed for 4 USA utilities, and plants were built at Callaway and Wolf Creek. The UK plant at Sizewell B was also based on SNUPPS but with significant modifications, such as a passive Emergency Boration System.” – Wikipedia


Image posted by Peacay

Thinking what I’m thinking? A lil’ 3D CAD could have made that all a lot easier? Granted, you’d have to wait 30 minutes for the model to load. Then there’s also the artistic factor where the hours tech illustrators pour into these automatically raise them to ‘awesome-can-you-do-a-cutaway-of-my-robot-son?’ status.

And yes, to answer you’re question, there’s even a Cutaway pool on Flickr that will get you a cutaway fix whenever necessary.

See more Nuclear Reactor cutaways at BibliOdessey.


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