I find it unconscionable! Who mixes firecrackers with gravy this time of day! You have to work your way into it. First, pine chips, then cooked veggies, then these links.

Patrick Eischen – Ya like aircraft? He makes a mean aircraft? Ya like fat faces? He makes a mean fat face.
Inaction is BAD – It’s so bad I’m going to do nothing about it.
Canon 1D Mark IV night shot – Video… with THE camera. a CAMERA… it’s only $5000 too. Nice round number for a looooan.
Christmas Laser Beam Cats – Really? The weirdos that brought you the engineers guide to cats… at it again.
Pandorapedia – The beginning of the craze begins. All you’ll want to know of Avatar’s Pandora.
Pastrana Rally Jump – Travis practice jump prep for the New Year’s jump at Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor.
Insane Storage – So insane, you could store it on it’s own insanity.
20 Things that happen in 1 minute – the 21st? you waste 1 minute reading about 20 other things that happen in a minute.


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