Sculpting, be it in clay or soft polyurethane foam requires a few key tools to efficiently bring your creative work to life. And among them, a fluting tool is just the ticket for precisely shaving convex slivers of material away to perfection.

Xiem Fluting Tool Set

The Xiem Fluting Tool Set caught our eye during a recent search on modeling techniques for sculpting concave “fluted” patterns in the digital world. In our quest to understand fluting we looked at how they are accomplished in the physical world. For that, we turned to the art of pottery making, and voila!

The Xiem Fluting Tool is described as a set that provides a quick and easy way to create concave surface textures in both functional and non-functional ceramic pieces. The interchangeable blades are the means to sculpt different flute curvature, depth, and width. While the blades are designed for shaving clay they look to be sturdy enough to be used on polyurethane foam board a commonly used material for industrial design model making. If you want to see the tool in action click here.

Set & Product Features:

  • Non-slip ergonomic handle
  • Titanium-bonded, rust-resistant coating on blades
  • Three blades (small, medium, large)

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