There they were, five of the baby yak mice walking along the stream, the wind blowing their wispy beards, not a care in the world, and yet is was such a tiny world, sealed off by an invisible border, flat by all accounts with an atmosphere red with plant gases weed spore, emanating from the pores of these links.

Kerby Rosanes – We’re going black and white this week. Kerby Rosanes has a way of telling stories with nothing but a Uni Pen and a Moleskine. Feast your eyes.

Pixels, Huh? – Who doesn’t like some cool pixel art. Octavi Navarro makes it look, well, amazing. Be sure to watch the Night Club timelapse.

Bear and Hare – A behind the scenes so good, we had to list it here. Created by Josh&Jake for a John Lewis ad and interactive book.

Adventure – What toddler wouldn’t like an adventure with his animal friends. Photographer Daniela Babic makes it happen for her son Theodore.

Star Wars Lego VII – You’ve seen the new Star Wars VII trailer by now (you haven’t!?!) Well, this is the LEGO version. And the Wes Anderson version.

Creative Routines – How did the world’s most famous creative people spend their day? This break it down by the hour.

Mustache Removal – I love Mehdi. He knows not how to remove a mustache.

Freya Jobbins – Prepare your mind. Just kidding, it’s only faces and bodies made out of faces and bodies of dolls.

Terminator Genisys – The fun new trailer. Yes, Arnold says, “I’ll be back.” at the end.


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