While we wait for our robot dogs and cats, the Germans from Zoobotics are working on bringing us modular spider robots called ZURI.

The insect like robot-kit gives you the chance to finally start working on your personal pet army. Seemingly inspired by IKEA and Origami with a healthy dose of Sci-Fi styling, ZURI starts out as a pack of paper and cardboard sheets. Bundled with 8 – 18 servo-motors for the legs and an Arduino based control board, a bluetooth connector and distance sensors you have everything here to get the “spidey-sense” ready – after you are done with bending and gluing.

From the official description:

ZURI is a modular robotic system. It is based on two leg variants (2DOF / 3DOF) and two different body modules (1M / 2M). The combination of leg and body modules allows for a lot of robot variations. This results in different degrees of difficulty regarding programming and coordination of the running gaits.

The ZURI-PAPERBOT-SYSTEM combines disciplines such as modeling, the use of electronics and programming. It is perfect for use in the classroom

Roomba vs. ZURI anybody?


While customizing the robots at home is as easy as printing paper, Zoobotics are taking it one step further for more advanced users with their second robot concept which can be built from all kinds of sheet material ranging from wood to metal to plastics.

The Hamburg-based company is currently looking for investors–as well as launching a crowdfunding campaign–but if you’re quick enough, head over to Conrad Community contest for a chance to be the very first to get one. Sadly, they’re keeping the contest within their home country of Germany but keep on the lookout soon for an expanded offering.