Stop delicately gnawing that mahogany slab for a few seconds. Meredith Scheff-King has created a handy little layout of 50 Digital Joints. You heard me right. 50. Joints. Digitalooloo.

Gazing upon the individual pages of Jochen Gross’ 50 Digital Wood Joints just wasn’t enough. Desiring to view, in a single glance, as many wood joints as humanly possible, she composed a layout organizing the joints by Dovetail, Jigsaw, Tenon and Miter. It’s quite the example of wood joinery and a perfect size to fill that empty spot to the left of your drill press.

Grab the original hi-res PDF file here. And, if your the type who just needs a buy button, you can purchase a 28″x40″ version of the poster here.


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