Peeling back a large bucket of silver punch monkeys, he found the container had all but cracked open. What would he do next but stretch his neck skin across the top in hopes of containing the beasties? To do it without harm however, he would surely need to lather on these links.

Six More Vodka – Although six more vodkas sounds tasty, try this comic style art at it’s finest first.
After Effects Tuts – Enjoy a few effects on your video montage of cyber cat detectives? These are the tutorials that will make it possible.
Remember anything – How do you train your mind to remember anything? Simple. Listen to Joshua Foer tell you how to do it.
History of Coffee – It’s 1961, 7:17 am. Time to head downstairs. Pour some water. THIS is coffee.
Fiat 500 Vintage – Speaking of vintage, how about a Fiat 500 car brochure, with actual, real photos of cars and people.
Wine stain portraits – If these are not a reason to drink red wine till you get artistic, nothing is.
Blown – You remember the face blown images from a previous post? This is the video of it happening.


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